Testing Ground: Hot Booty Ballet™

Testing Ground: Hot Booty Ballet™

17 Dec

What is it?
Hot Booty Ballet™ is a series of movements strung together at a smooth, fluid pace, that build balance, strength, cardio and flexibility. It’s a whole body workout.

What is a typical class like?
Revealing her irresistible energy, Suaad, the creator of Hot Booty Ballet™, admits with a burst of laughter that she structures her class like a Broadway show. She starts with a “bang!” to get everyone’s hearts pounding and warm up their muscles. Once every single cell has been awoken and the body understands that its entire storehouse of energy is going to be used up in the following hour, it gives in to Suaad’s instructions, whose avowed goal is to get us out of our heads and into our bodies. And it works!

By alternating between a feverish pace that gets our hearts pumping and recovery periods that mobilize targeted muscle groups, Suaad varies the intensity and location of the muscular effort, almost making us forget our bodies are on fire! With infectious enthusiasm, she encourages us to sing as we struggle through the movements, amplifying the sense of release as we let off steam.

By the end of the hour, we’ve worked it all—our heart, our hips, our legs, our plexus, our pelvis, our arms and our butt—one muscle at a time. The class ends with a grand finale that takes everything we’ve got left!

Finally, sweaty but happy, we get back to a relatively normal heart rate with a series of stretches that allow us to come back to earth gently, and we leave the class free of any tension we might have had.