Our Story

About the founder

Suaad Ghadban is a leading fitness and health expert/presenter. She is well-known for her personal and unique approach to fitness that draws its inspiration from her extensive background in dance, gymnastics and circus training. Suaad is a former World Dance and Sports Aerobic Champion, and she holds a College degree in Sports and Leisure and a B.A. & Sc. in Therapeutic recreation. With 15 years of teaching experience and 22 years of training under her belt, Suaad has created a very fun & effective ballet inspired booty program called Hot Booty Ballet™. You can catch her regularly on Global TV dishing out the latest fitness trends.


About the program

This dynamic program is based on traditional ballet conditioning exercises that shapes, sculpt and stretch one’s muscles, increases metabolism, and burns fat to give one the best booty of their life. Elastic resistance bands are mainly used allowing for deeper physical benefits. But what really sets the program apart is the high energy and fun factor – you definitely work and burn but you’ve got a smile on your face while doing so which keeps people coming back.

Benefits of the program

The program is focused on strengthening and lengthening muscles, increasing metabolism and burning fat to help you look and feel amazing. It is an effective workout that will tone muscles throughout the body, increase your heart rate and burn calories.