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“If I really focus on the tv and tune everything else out it’s like I actually have you with me! And even though you don’t say it in the video I can still hear you say “if it ain’t shaking it ain’t working” & “ONE VERTEBRATE AT A TIME” miss you so much 💔❤”


“I just did your online workout spring booty sculpt…LOOVE IT!! Very good routine. Thank you for bringing inspirational content that women that actually relate too. Loove the workouts and i am always exicited and inspired when i do the HBB online workouts.

Love from mexico”

Catherine Gaumond

“I’ve been doing Hot Booty Ballet Online weekly for 6 months now and i have to say for a stay at home mom this is absolutely wonderful! I adore how easy it is to use the platform and there is so many workout to choose from. It very difficult with a new born baby to get out of the house and workout but Hot Booty Ballet has made my workouts more exciting and are super easy to follow. All you need are mini bands and voila an aweaome workout in your living room. Thank you Suaad and the entire HBB team. These videos have saved my body and my sanity!”

Maria Garcia