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Interested in offering HOT BOOTY BALLET teacher training, specialty workshops, or continuing education opportunities to your staff, students, or club members?

Benefits of Hosting

Bring HOT BOOTY BALLET classes into your facility and have the opportunity to:

  • Provide an original quality fun fitness program for your students, and members
  • Attract new members to your facility
  • Have free access to Hot Booty Ballet Marketing Kit to help fill your classes
  • Receive a free listing on the HBB website for online marketing to potential students in your area
  • Receive complimentary registrations for you and/or your staff

Wanna motivate and challenge your clients with a Brand New Exciting Fitness program at your facility?

Fun, affordable and refreshing! The Hot Booty Ballet workout attracts new clients to your facility.

Designed to appeal to everyone, from fitness newbies to workout junkies, the Hot Booty Ballet workout is easily adjustable to include everyone (in the same classroom) regardless of fitness level.

What Makes Us DIFFERENT:

The Hot Booty Ballet Workout is a dynamic program based on traditional ballet conditioning exercises that shapes,sculpt and stretch one’s muscles. Proven to increase metabolism and burn fat, Hot Booty Ballet gives you the best booty of your life.

Despite its name, no dance or ballet experience is needed to excel at the workout. Hot Booty Ballet is a “fitness ballet” class, therefore fitness principles are the priority and ballet techniques come second. Yes, all routines are choreographed to match the musicality and flow of each song, but our main goal is encouraging all clients to move however they feel appropriate. Also incorporating small resistance bands to allow for deeper physical benefits, what really sets the program apart is the high energy and fun factor! During each class clients work hard and burn calories all while wearing a big smile. We are on a mission is to have clients coming back for more!



Originally designed in Montreal, this program is in full expansion mode. It’s currently taught at various locations such as: Gym St-Henri, Mansfield Athletic Club, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Cielo and Moksha Yoga just to name a few.

 In a Hot Booty Ballet class you can get a full-body workout with nothing but you body and a band. It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s affordable. It’s easy to store.


Here are the testimonials:

Suaad is so much fun, she is dynamic and full of positive energy. Hot Booty Ballet  has got to be the greatest cure for stress! She holds her clients accountable and inspire the desire that is so crucial to deliver amazing results. Suaad is kind and has a beautiful heart but she will kick your butt in a Hot Booty Ballet class!!

Gabriel Sandoval

I have been blessed to take Hot Booty Ballet for the last 2 years, and I can therefore attest to the love and passion that instructors bring to the classes. The energy and enthusiasm is contagious, always pushing to get the best results out of the students. HBB instructors make a point to know each one of their  students on a personal level. The choreographies fresh and challenging,  and will go the extra mile to keep classes fun and full of energy! I am blessed to have such an amazing workout program to motivate me to have fun while staying fit!

Tristan Hobbs

“The expression “You can do anything you set your mind to” was made by people like Suaad. She is by far the most talented and inspiring person I have ever met. And as amazing as she already is, she’s always ready to learn more and push herself to the farthest limits. Having her as a Hot Booty Ballet  trainer and mentor was a huge honor and a once in a lifetime opportunity for me!”

Larissa Nathaniel, Major in Psychology

I’ve been training my whole life, so I can fully appreciate the difference a program like Hot Booty Ballet can make in your life. Whether you train for fun or you have some specific goals, hot booty ballet will make it happen for you. The instructors are passionate and energetic and will make you want to give your 100%. Monday morning training? “No excuse beautiful people, push it!”. I always have a blast training with Hot Booty ballet instructors and only realize how hard I’ve worked when getting out of bed the next morning is a struggle!

Jo-Annie Fortin

Olympian, synchronized swimming, London 2012

With Hot Booty ballet workout, training becomes a pleasure. I like the energy, dedication and motivation instructors bring to each class. With HBB, you are never bored. There is always new music and new moves. You work out muscles you never knew existed! There are many added values:  completely different workout from the typical burpees and push-ups; training with instructors who are always in a good mood with a smile; and they are able to push you to the next level to always achieve more. Biggest added value: Results you see in yourself after a short period of time.

Hot Booty Ballet Workouts are always challenging!! The classes are the best, and never disappointing. Super energetic and motivational. They are hard workouts but very fun! Added value Perky BUTT! The experience is great, I like everything about the Hot Booty Ballet workouts. Suaad and her team are creative and always bring new dimensions to a typical workout. I trust her and her team completely with my body and health and frankly, anything HBB puts out there, I would be willing to try.

Maria Soto

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