Episode 191 – Suaad Ghadban – Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone

Episode 191 – Suaad Ghadban – Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone

30 Jan

Episode 191 – Suaad Ghadban – Hot Booty Ballet

“Sometimes you give stage and sometimes you take stage.”
“I started working with mini-bands in a therapeutic was…to help as a rehab program …throw it in your purse…there are over 800 moves…”- Suaad Ghadban

Website: www.hotbootyballet.com
Facebook: Suaad Ghadban or Hot Booty Ballet
Instagram: @suaadfitness or @hbbworkout

In Episode 191, the Two Fit Crazies welcome the founder of Hot Booty Ballet, Suaad Ghadban. Joining the show from Montreal, Canada, this former World Hip Hop and Aerobics Champion shares her story of transitioning from a competitive and Broadway dancer to the founder of her own fitness company. From LA, to New York, to Vegas, Suaad has performed with the best, but today, Suaad reveals how a seemingly terrible career-ending injury lead her to create and launch her own fitness company. After years of painful rehabilitation, Suaad learned to fall in love with mini-bands, not only as a tool for rehabilitation, but also as a safe, low-cost, low-maintenance, effective, and fun way to exercise! Suaad’s passion for dance, fitness and changing lives is apparent as she opens up to the Two Fit Crazies about her plans to spread Hot Booty Ballet around-the-globe! Be sure to listen closely as Suaad offers up some free Hot Booty Ballet trial classes for the Two Fit Crazie listeners! Check it out!

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