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Episode 191 – Suaad Ghadban – Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone
Episode 191 – Suaad Ghadban – Hot Booty Ballet “Sometimes you give stage and sometimes you take stage.” “I started working with mini-bands in a therapeutic was…to help as a rehab program …throw it in your purse…there are over 800 moves…”- Suaad Ghadban Website: Facebook: Suaad Ghadban or Hot Booty Ballet Instagram: @suaadfitness or[…]
In Bed With Suaad Ghadban & The Fitness Industry
Have you met Suaad Ghadban? She is an award-winning fitness leader who has managed teams of talented instructors, launched her own fitness program and uplifts our industry through her leadership. In this recording, Suaad Ghadban and I talk about compensation within the fitness industry, how to become a better leader, and so much more. Listen[…]
BIPOC In Fitness
Share details about your cultural background I was born in Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arabe Emirates and lived there for a few years as a child. My mom is Syrian and my father is Jordanian both of Palestinian descent. So I’m an eclectic person who is composed of various Arab backgrounds and[…]
Montreal’s Suaad Ghadban named one of the top fitness experts in the world
Suaad Ghadban has been recognized in the ranks of leading fitness experts alongside dancing superstar, Derek Hough (Dancing with the Stars and World of Dance), Billie Blanks (Creator of Tae Bo Fitness) and Jillian Michaels (The Biggest Loser) by canfitpro, one the largest Canadian networks of fitness and health professionals. Furthermore, Suaad is notably the[…]
Testing Ground: Hot Booty Ballet™
What is it? Hot Booty Ballet™ is a series of movements strung together at a smooth, fluid pace, that build balance, strength, cardio and flexibility. It’s a whole body workout. What is a typical class like? Revealing her irresistible energy, Suaad, the creator of Hot Booty Ballet™, admits with a burst of laughter that she structures[…]
Revenue Generating Ideas For Fitness Pros During COVID-19
These days are like never before, fitness professionals face mounting challenges to adapt to new realities as a result of COVID-19’s social distancing measures. Most gyms remain closed to stop the spread of this deadly virus, so owners/employers are struggling to keep their businesses afloat while their employees are unemployed and/or scrambling to find ways[…]
CanFitPro Fitness Professional of the Year Winner
Our very own HBB CEO Suaad Ghadban, won the Fitness Professional of the Year Award at the CanFitPro Global Conference 🏆🏆🏆 Looking forward to what this new year has to offer for Hot Booty Ballet and our members!