About HBB

About HBB


Hot Booty Ballet’s mission is to provide a fun and effective
workout that empowers people to live happier and healthier lives. We want to help you look and feel amazing.
Our in-person and online community love the HBB method
because it brings a sense of joy and accomplishment to
the body and soul.


As an International Fitness Program, and a leader in the industry, we have the responsibility of prioritizing
diversity and inclusion in our hiring and training practices. Doing so benefits our team, clients, and the
broader HBB community.


A supportive HBB community where people of various ages and backgrounds come together to carry out their workout routine and find a new friend


We pride ourselves in including all everyone who is looking for a change. All individuals are welcome, no matter their shape, shade, and size


The HBB community understands that health and well-being aren't tied to a size, and everyone's personal journey deserves to be respected.


We lead with Love, we teach with love and we move with love. Making meaningful, life-enhancing connections beyond fitness.


Suaad Ghadban is Canada’s fitness professional of the year (2021). She is a sought-after fitness expert and thought leader known as the 'New Age Fitness Professional' bringing equality, diversity, and inclusion to the fitness industry. 8 years ago, a physiotherapist told Suaad to use mini-bands as rehabilitation for her hip injury, Suaad was so inspired by the bands that she turned the idea into a Ballet inspired booty workout with mini-bands called Hot Booty Ballet™.


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