THE Move it, Shake it & Stretch it 30 Day PROGRAM

Build healthy habits, lose weight,
and release stress in 30 days.

Workouts you’ll love, eating habits you can stick to, and weight loss that feels good in a 30-day program that fits your lifestyle.

Next group begins: Monday Jan 31st!

It's time for a Positive Change.

You are making moves in your career.

You are managing your household.

You’re checking items off your to-do list.

You are taking care of your family.

But there is one thing that you are struggling with…

Taking care of YOU.

Feeling good in your BODY

And as a result…

You’ve gained unwanted weight.

You wake up with low energy.

Your hormones are out of whack.

You are not feeling motivated

You are feeling stressed & burnt out.

(I can help you change that…keep reading)

Right now you may be feeling...

Overwhelmed. You are struggling to fit YOU time into your busy schedule.

Lost. You know you need to eat better and workout more but don’t know where to start. 

Discouraged. You’ve tried all the things, from diets and workout challenges to counting calories, but not getting results. 

Defeated. You can’t seem to stay consistent with the diets or programs you’ve tried.

Frustrated. You tried a diet and successfully lost weight, but recently gained it all back

But imagine…

Pouring as much time into yourself as you do into everyone else (if not more!)

Waking up every morning energized and ready to conquer the day

Saying goodbye to those unwanted pounds and hello to your favorite outfits that you pushed to the back of the closet

Stopping the yo-yo dieting for good and creating a lifestyle that you’re obsessed with

Regaining your confidence and learning how to love your body ON the journey.

Gaining control of your stress eating rather than your stress eating controlling you


Hey I'm Suaad

In the past 20 years, I’ve helped 10 000+ women create healthier eating habits, lose weight, build confidence, and feel energized with my signature program ‘Hot Booty Ballet’ MOVE IT, SHAKE IT & STRETCH IT PROGRAM. 

I know what it’s like to try every diet, workout program and fitness challenge — only to find that nothing sticks long term. It’s also hard when you have wider hips or bigger muscles because let’s face it, skinny bodies are not what we have and we cannot keep doing the same workouts that are not meant for us.

And trust me, I know how it feels like it’s damn near impossible to juggle work life, home life, social life — while trying to eat healthy and feed your family.

But it is very possible and as your health and fitness coach, I will show you how.

  • My secret? Saying no to fad diets, calorie crunching, and endless hours in the gym. I believe that you can have your cake and eat it, too (seriously though!). I teach a balanced approach to wellness that works. It gives my clients clarity. It gives them confidence. It gives them RESULTS.

And I’m 100% sure that it will do the same for you.

If you are ready to shut the door on those limiting beliefs and show up for YOU. To create a NEW plan. To build a NEW routine. And chart a NEW path into your wellness journey.

Keep scrolling…


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30 Day Move it, Shake it,
Stretch it Program!!

A step-by-step plan designed to help ambitious and busy women look and feel their best from within all day long.


Your body and life are unique to YOU (spoiler alert: the weight loss challenge that worked for your colleague or best friend may not work for you — and that’s OK!). The HBB M.S.S Program will help you design a daily routine that works for YOUR body, schedule, and goals…long term.


If you want to lose weight (while managing a busy schedule), you want a workout routine that is quick, but effective. Scrap all the rumors that tell you that you have to spend endless hours on the treadmill to burn fat. Not true. I’ll prove it to you.


Your thoughts and mindset matter. They are the foundation to slaying any goal you have. Let’s get clear on your why and create a strong mindset that will keep you motivated along your journey (we are striving for progress not perfection!).


There are a million search results that make it hard to understand what foods you actually need to hit your goals. It’s not about restricting a laundry list of foods, it’s about adding the foods that nourish you and give you the most energy.


"This program truly changed my life."

I'm very thankful, not only for the weight loss goals Suaad has helped me to hit, but the way she made me feel. She was always kind, and motivational, and never made you feel bad.

Marjorie Hale

Full Time Mom

After working with Suaad for a few months, I now have valuable habits and tools I can use to keep myself accountable and remain happy and healthy in my own body daily.

Leigh Sherman

PR Manager

I'm very thankful, not only for the weight loss goals Suaad has helped me to hit, but the way she made me feel. She was always kind, and motivational, and never made you feel bad.

Natalie Bowman

Business Owner

What You Will Achieve

By the end of this program you'll…



Eat the right nutrient-rich foods that work best for your body to achieve your healthy weight loss and fitness goals 



Incorporate your fitness plan  (even with your busy schedule!) and start feeling fit, healthy, and full of energy.



Create a nutrient-rich eating routine and effective exercise plan to boost your energy.



Shed pounds and lean out your muscles in a way that’s achievable and (most importantly) sustainable.Say good-bye to yo-yo dieting. 



Learn how to create and stick to healthy routines and make time for them despite a demanding schedule.



Learn how to adopt a mindset of acceptance and self-love along your journey to a happy and healthy YOU.

Instead of feeling:

  • Too busy to fit it all in
  • Unhappy when you look in the mirror
  • Defeated after trying everything
  • Bored by your workouts
  • Struggling with sugar cravings
  • Low energy throughout the day
  • Overwhelmed by information overload

Imagine you could:

  • Learn to prioritize yourself
  • Feel good in your own skin
  • Be strong, toned, and healthy 
  • Have fun while you exercise
  • Eat what you LOVE
  • Feel high energy when you wake up
  • Have a clear action plan each week


You'll receive...


Weekly Meal Plan

This is all about flexible eating so you’ll receive a list of simple recipes you can choose from! All dietary preferences supported.


2 Live workouts/week + 2 pre-recorded workout videos

You’ll receive 8 live workouts with Suaad Ghadban plus 8 pre-recorded workouts to complete. Modifications will be included.


The Moove it Shake, Work it Method

And there's more...

If you love checklists, this program is PERFECT for you. You’ll receive a step-by-step plan to follow.. Access to your meal guides and workouts. Track your water intake. Connect with the other women.


Connect with myself and the other women in the program. Share your progress, ask any questions, and learn from our coaches.


You’ll have me as your coach to guide you, but also a group of like-minded women who are creating change in their own life AND lifting you up along the way.

Check in Texts from Suaad

Yup, you will have an accountability partner and I’ll be personally checking in on you everyday of course, cheering you on!

Squad’s GEMS

This program was designed for busy women, so you’ll learn quick wellness tips a few times a week. The tips will help you build healthy eating and mindset habits.


How to Meal Prep Like a Boss
Managing Your Portions WITHOUT Counting Calories
Healthy Eating Takeout Guide

“I lost 10 pounds! Lost back fat and gained a slimmer stomach. With this program, I was able to regulate my cravings, learn to listen to my body, feed it with healthier alternatives, and even noticed my bowel movements were completely readjusted to how it was when I was younger. This plan helped me achieve my goal and I never wanna go back to my old ways!”
– Carine Blais
“I’m glad that I participated in HBB programs because it brought me the positive wake up call that I’ve been looking for. I used to be an emotional eater, but working with Suaad and the group helped me replace those cravings and habits with things that still satisfy me but don’t take me so far away from my goals. I feel more empowered as a result of this program. I feel lighter, have started exercising more, and feel better about myself overall. Developing better, healthier habits has been the biggest win for me!”
– Joan Spense

A Peek Inside the 30 Day Program

Week 1 – Let’s hit reset together with a light detox. Think of it as spring cleaning but for your body. Don’t worry, I won’t go full Marie Kondo on you. We’ll take it step by step and incorporate light exercise to start. 

Week 2 – Now that your body has been cleansed, this is the perfect time to learn what foods may be causing you discomfort (bloating, acne, low energy, etc). In this phase you will add back in foods and take note of how they make you feel. You will also take workouts up a notch.

Week 3 – By now, you’ve proven to yourself that you can keep a promise. You’re bouncing off the energy of your accountability group and your wins. This week you will practice portion control and learn about what foods you should have on your plate in order to get the results you desire.

Week 4 – This week you will focus on applying what you’ve learned (what worked, what didn’t work) to create a balanced routine that you ENJOY. The goal is to create a routine that you can stick to long-term.

30-DAY Move it, Shake it, Stretch it PROGRAM

What can I help you with?

Weight loss (Finding the right nutritional and exercise approach for your body)

Digestive issues (i.e. IBS, bloating, food intolerance)

Hormonal concerns (i.e. Insulin resistance, PCOS, menopause, irregular periods, PMS)

Mindset challenges (emotional eating, cravings, guilt associated with food, low self-esteem, body image, lack of willpower, building healthy habits)

Fatigue / Low Energy


Anxiety / Depression

Mood and Positive Energy

Program value: $2,250


One-time payment of

Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Fitness & Nutrition Coaching for 30 days

  • Weekly Meal Guidance
  • Weekly Workout Plan 2x/lives 2x/pre-recorded
  • Live Group Coaching Calls
  • Daily Wellness Tips via Text
  • Check-in Texts From Your Coach, Suaad
  • A Supportive Community of Women
  • BONUS: Wellness Guides & Videos


You will receive access to ALL group coaching perks, PLUS…

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions (4)
  • Personalized Health Assessment
  • Personalized Nutrition Report
  • Unlimited text coaching access to Suaad
  • Personalized Eating & Workout Plan
  • Support identifying challenges & Creating a Plan to Address
  • …and more

Is this program for me?

Move it, Shake it, Stretch it is for you if:

  • You are ready to transform your lifestyle but don’t know where to start or how to make time for it.
  • You are ready to stop putting everybody else’s needs first and give yourself permission to put yourself on top of your priority list for once.
  • You are Committed with a capital C. You are ready to kick those excuses to the curb and replace them with clear goals and specific actions that bring results.


Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for any woman who is ready to take back the power of her health and establish healthy habits that she can maintain on a daily basis. Yes, even during girl’s night and the holidays! No more start and stop plans! Just simple, daily practices.
The program lasts 30 days. You will have the option to continue the program beyond 30 days.
Absolutely! The entire philosophy behind The Move it, Shake it, Stretch it Method Program is to make it completely unique to you and your lifestyle. If your lifestyle and nutrition include vegan or gluten-free diets, then you can apply the principles you learn in this program to your unique body and nutrition needs.

Absolutely. This program was designed for a busy woman by a busy woman.

Improving your daily wellbeing is the single most important gift you can give yourself and you are so deserving of it.

I know that it can feel like you need to wait until you have more time to dedicate to a program — for when things settle down at work or for when your child is just a little bit older and more independent. 

But here’s the thing — there will never be a magical, perfect time where you have no other obligations, no stress, and plenty of free time to dedicate to your wellbeing.

That’s exactly the reason why I developed this program. 

It’s about embracing our lives as they are and finding the health habits that can truly work in your day-to-day life. 

This means discovering what you truly want, identifying your needs, and examining your current life to find the unique elements that will make the biggest impact in your life and then providing you with the skills to make those changes with ease.

Maybe you’ve tried other programs in the past and they haven’t worked for you, or they worked for a short period of time and you weren’t able to sustain it. 

Or you tried it for 30 days, you got “results” then the next 30 days it slipped away and you started to tell yourself to “get motivated” or “I just need to find the time again”. I can tell you something, this isn’t a plan, it’s not a diet, it’s not something that’s timestamped — this is a framework.

I created this framework using a combination of my personal experience, professional experience, feedback from clients, and habit science to make it completely different to most of the other programs and plans you’re used to because I’ve seen so many times how much those don’t work. 

If a plan hasn’t worked for you in the past, this program was created specifically for you, so you could follow a specific process for designing your own way of eating and living that takes into consideration all of your unique needs and preferences.

You’ve got questions? I have answers!


Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about The Move it, Shake it, Stretch it Method. You can email me directly at info@hotbootyballet.com to get in touch and I’ll return the favor within 48 business hours.